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hahaha … if you try and cover all possibilities in your postings then indeed you will be writing a huge encyclopedia for each and every subject!!! Her dont be as loud as him. I just wanted to give a shout out here to let you know that your question has been heard. Wow, Laura! We would have NO idea how to explain to her – it would probably scare her…..she has been gone for 10 years now anyway…..probably better that she didn’t know where we would be at….. WOW. If I did so, I would be no better than the abusers that helped to create her in the first place. No harm done. He cant read, but he has tried to show her the pictures in a little book about a rainbow fish and has made up stories for it, Definition of introjection in the dictionary. Firstly, I want you to know that you did not do anything here to trigger me — the “topic” can be triggering for me. Psychology Definition of INTROJECTION: 1. this place kathy and laura have created is one of care, compassion, kindness, knowledge, insight and mostly safe. But her always teling us bad things to try to make us feel like stupid nobudys that nowon care be hard to not beleve her cuz of stuff that be going on in our life it sorta seem like her be rite. the memories are still here and even now i’m home i can feel the constant tension and the energy it costs to just get myself through the day. The concept of bringing the outside to the inside is still the same. And what about the ones that bad people put there on purpose? He is struggling very much with memories too, but he hasnt done anything to hurt anyone in a while. Be kind and patient with yourself. And he dont talk and he been hiding As this site grows, the time, costs, and energy required to maintain DD increases significantly each year. introject: ( in'trō-jekt ), The dynamically endowed, enduring internal representation of an object. Your email address will not be published. Holidays for DID Trauma Survivors… Making it Nice for the Littles, Getting Back Those Lost, Missing Chunks of Time. Working with Difficult and Destructive Alters, The Love / Hate Relationship for Borderlines, Compulsive Hoarding and Dissociative Disorders, Videos for DID Systems and Dissociative Trauma Survivors. And its so wonderful because shadow is actually changing. Classified under: We all have each other’s best interests in mind when we write here (or, most do). And they very quickly (amazingly enough) bonded with her. And we hope that little boy who shrunk can find a way to feel safe and not have any more nightmares…..We hope you get some good rest! Exclusion was certainly not my intention! I am sure that I am not alone in my appreciation that you cannot possibly cover all of our unique circumstances. WE had a GREAT YEAR! But then… I am not sure how they started talking to our therapist, one of these days I need to discuss it with her…. Accessed 18 Jan. 2021. Definitely have hope. The introject in your system was there to help you when the stakes were very high and their job was deadly serious. Each one of you is unique, and there are as many different ways for dissociation to look as there are people in the world affected by it. We have a little one who is going through an incredibly difficult time of flashbacks and body memories. What does introjection mean? But, on occasion she has been very sweet and caring with them. Does the part have to look like the abuser? Everytime i try to make a new friend, there’s an uproar inside. Even MK, who is an introject of a couple of mean aunts and our dad, apparently had a good talk with our therapist the other day and she is actually less intense! Unique offers of support are valuable as well. Anybody know what I am talking about? She would say, “You can come out of your room when you’re ready to tell me what you did!” This, of course, was literally impossible, for we had no clue. Well the Bully she still grumpy. Introject alters are convinced that they do not live in the body they really live in. And, to do that, I need to communicate with them, let them have their voice, hear with compassion and acceptance, see the wisdom in their ways even when I do not like what they are doing, be fearless in confronting their truths, be courageous in vulnerability and loving in attitude. Our Email Consultant / Forum Manager, Laura, has written a very good explanation about perpetrator or abuser introjects. Thank you for touching base again. I know these feelings well as do others here and DID certainly gives us all a LOT of opportunities to feel this way. So, thank you for showing me the way. Missy Ming, I am just beginning to learn how difficult it is to write for such a large audience. so he wandered the streets to find them, he hurt us badly just to repeat everything they made him do for years. so he just sits, and waits. Teaching the introjects to remove the loyalty to the perpetrators, and to defend and protect the DID system in healthier ways is extremely important system work. It can cause us to feel great shame. Kathy - a clinical Social Worker, surrounded by kelpies, who enjoys puzzles, pianos, pizza, pretties in nature, and people with Dissociative Identity Disorder. Please know that, your story of hope lifted my spirits and made me smile through my tears. ⭐️. We all know what it has been like to live alone and in silence in our pain. Everyone in the system deserves safety, healing, comfort, and freedom — even the ones who had to walk side-by-side with the perpetrators. In truth, there was nothing you could have done. He has not left the little one’s side even for a minute. She was always saying the most mean and horrid things to me. Thank you for sharing this amazing life transition. I dont know how much he talks or Much of what he says, but when i do hear something, it is positive. She is so terrified that she wont let anyone near her. Today is Mother’s Day and we don’t know what we feel….she could always sense when we were struggling and call us – but THIS stuff? Let them read and learn as well, because they are a very important part of your team. I have so much anger towards my abuser and my system is only just now allowing me to talk among my parts. Our introjects can feel the same rejection, desperation and abandonment. i read and read and i recognize everything. They are not the abuser they appear to be. Is she an introject or something else? Thanks. this was a well written post and very accurate. 50 Treatment Issues for Dissociative Identity Disorder, Depression and Dissociative Identity Disorder, part 2, 10 Tips For Spouses and Partners of Survivors with Dissociative Identity Disorder. These statements, and others like them, are intended to make you feel complicit in and responsible for what is happening. A person with Dissociative Identity Disorder (DID), or a similar form of Other Specified Dissociative Disorder (previously called Dissociative Disorder Not Otherwise Specified, or DDNOS-1) has a … I am trying to understand “perpetrators” and “introjects”……is it possible for one to internally act like it is protecting me from others – like when I am around certain “head-gaming” Outsiders….and then turn around and turn that same attitude on me for reasons I don’t know yet……Is it the “same one”…or can there be two versions of the same type of “part”……one version acts like it protects you and the other version targets you……. Right now I have an angry one that hates me, thinks that I am a useless wimp and wants to harm/punish me (even sets plans to kill me at times) all of the time right now. The amount of information and guidance you can find at this site is exemplary. intrəjekt To incorporate unconsciously into the psyche (a mental image of an object, person, etc.) Our inside rough guys were simply AWFUL, horrible guys. Introjection, the most basic, involves the reproduction of an interaction with the environment by means of the clustering of memory traces attached to the self- or object-image and the interactions of the two in their affective context. We feel so supported by your words, by you and Kathy, and Claire. introject (verb) incorporate (attitudes or ideas) into one's personality unconsciously. i know that as i read things here, its like clarification of what my T says or what I know is happening inside that i’m unable to express.”. But they be learning to be on our side better. The image in the mirror is not the real thing. They seem to have swirls of different colours throughout many of them. Yet it IS. Two years ago we NEVER thought that Rage, a very angry and violent teenage, could EVER be on our side. And it feel like they want to be on our side. What I would term my “introjects” are 16 year old girls – NOTHING like the real abusers in looks but EVERYTHING like the abusers in personalities, attitudes, and perspective. It is considered a self-stabilizing defense mechanism used when there is a lack of full psychological contact between a child and the adults providing that child's psychological needs. So, she is a mixture. With gratitude, Years later in life, this “assistance” loses it usefulness when the DID person wants freedom from the perpetrator and wants distance and safety away from the abuse / abusive ways. Synonym Discussion of interject. In other words, rebuild who we want to be from this point forward as a collective. Also, very timely as I am in the midst of some difficult work with one of my ‘angry ones’. There are two important keys to working with introjects. Thank you for writing this article. [Note: The key points discussed here remain true regardless of whether or not mind control and programming were part of your history. That makes sense I think I understand better now. It helps explain some of the internal chaos and perhaps some self harm issues. She loves the Frozen movies, so he has sat and watched them 4 times even though he doesnt like “girly movies,” I’ll keep working to improve my ability to communicate the important points in my blog posts. Thank you! Otherwise, everything else in this post fits. I hear you friends and certainly understand the fear of interacting with such insiders. “Introject.” Dictionary, Merriam-Webster, Discussing Dissociation remains free (and ad-free) for dissociative trauma survivors all over the world. in the clinic they know me, i’ve been coming there for years now. Thank you for this article. There are not a lot of things that apply to every single dissociative person. Even i didnt like him and i like everybudy! Somehow, no idea how, he has transformed. I read through this article and through most of the comments….I am still not sure how to tell when a part is “scary” because it is bottom-line trying to protect me by not allowing me to do certain things (like talk) ….and when it is “scary” because it is actually an abuser to my Insiders in order to Internally continue the control and abuse that originally took place on the Outside (although I have no full concrete memory of it – just flashes)…..How do you tell the difference? But it’s hard to know where to start, and how we’ll ever feel safe when they put someone inside of me who is always watching. In psychoanalysis, introjection is the process by which the subject replicates behaviors, attributes, or other fragments of the surrounding world, especially of other subjects. They may bully or terrorize other members of the system, or even abuse them internally, so that it feels like the abuse literally never ends. Inside of the poison is the antedote. this topic is difficult because none of us want to consider the possibilities of this happening after what we’ve been through. And he be scard all the time Introjects are alters that are based off outside people or characters. introjects are not directly connected to that person in any way at all. So is it a good or bad thing? Let me tell yall about this little guy now. And, that is okay. But, as Kathy and Laura have said, they were (are) necessary to our systems to protect us in their way. But rage he be acting different like not nice yet but he dont be being mean and that be a big deal for him. I apologize for my generalization that excluded Anastasia. I have seen this “snake” in my face (usually suddenly while driving) after times of gaining ground in therapy) ….but this time, I “saw” it “punish” this little girl after I “told” something – correction…I saw the beginning of her punishment and then her end result – I lost sight of her in the “middle” part….. What she would do is demand that we admit what we did, but at the same time wouldn’t TELL us what exactly what we were specifically accused of doing. Do Dissociative Trauma Survivors Actually Lose Time? Given the project that Asher and Judah have made, i feel more hopeful that MK and the others will make progress too. Oh wow Tirza. As an LCSW and LMSW exam coach, there are no defense mechanisms I get more emails and questions about than introjection, internalization and identification.Introjection and internalization are used pretty interchangeably on the exam, so going forward in this blog I will just use ‘introjection’ for the sake of simplicity. I bet it’s this introject thing trying to protect everybody from getting into a dangerous situation. These parts can be very difficult to approach as part of your healing. I do have a question, however. Disciplines > Psychoanalysis > Concepts > Projection and Introjection. a comic character, usually masked, dressed in … I appreciate your willingness to help with the hard topics. During the very worst episodes of abuse, that could last an entire day, which usually began with us being accused of saying/doing something that we had no memory of we would become trapped in a period of intense terror. It happened fast and I have no idea how. we had a meeting together and decided that the kindest thing to do was to let him go. Once I started getting more familiar and comfortable with my parts, this one got worse. . Torture has a name? It totally blows my mind. No matter how they look or what they sound like, no matter how much they insist they are your abuser, and even if they do the same things that person once did, However,  the person behind the role (the, You may be long out of your abusive situation, but, Being an introject is a difficult and thankless task. Or is it just my sister and me?…..Just being blunt here….or being “weird”… . but they started talking to her. And of course, I wish you and your whole system the very best in your healing journeys. He dont be acting at all like the big scary guy he ust to be! No part of this may be reproduced or utilized in any form or by any means, electronic or mechanical, including photocopying, recording, or by any information storage and retrieval system, without permission in writing from Kathy Broady, MSW. And Missy been thinking real hard which she ushally dont do for this long. We are staying with the therapy and meds. They really are valuable, even if they feel so hugely difficult at first. but thanks for the help dealing with the abuser factives, or as i call them, persecutors. All rights reserved. ?”……What do you do with the “conflict”? and focus aggressive energy upon this image rather than upon the object itself. There is no quick fix. How did there get to be such a confusing mess in me….makes me feel like I am losing my mind….Rage has been glaring at me a lot lately…. The next months are going to be hard as she comes out. I always refer to her as the mean one. it seems to bubble up when we least expect it and the introject parts play their role. Check with the others in your system, because yes, it’s possible that your people knew how to create an internal introject of your therapist. They did not want to cooperate at ALL. so we did. This work is exhausting. But, ignoring them will not make them go away. I am approaching her as gently and compassionately as I can knowing that much of what she is doing is crying out for attention, help and healing. Important for me too hear as I struggle with an angry one! I keep coming back and rummaging around and I never fail to find an important nugget of understanding. It is such a relief to see their progress. I still have no idea. That happens. Copyright © 2008-2020 Kathy Broady MSW and Discussing Dissociation, "50 Treatment Issues for Dissociative Identity Disorder"    A comprehensive listing, yes, but even so,…, Hi Everyone, I still believe that developing excellent internal communication and effective team work are…, Depression and Dissociative Identity Disorder. So, at some point, or at least we think this is what happened, we don’t actually remember, because those memories are blacked out, was that the introject part would take over and be able to express genuine remorse we guess, real sorrow or guilt. This is certainly a difficult one, at least for me. Description | Discussion | See also. I think there are a variety of ways and reasons that introjects can be created, purposefully or organically. I didn’t know they were there before. introject - WordReference English dictionary, questions, discussion and forums. I hope your question and my response allow more people to apply the information in this post to their work with their own groups of insiders. As a writer, it’s hard to account for all possible options in a blog post. I saw it “punish” a little one the other day when I did something “wrong” on the Outside….What do I do with that??? I appreciate questions like this that give me a chance to clarify. This brings me to the second key point about introjects: THEY ARE PART OF YOU. as laura stated, “like an actor playing a role in a movie, complete with ugly personality and cruel behaviors” this is exactly what we are dealing with. Wren asked this question in the Comments section of a different post. How in the world is this even the giant, raging, terrifying kid from a couple years ago? That does not mean that I am not trying to communicate with them to agree on “safe” protocols. We are aiming for “hopeful”!……. Now, I try to avoid labeling my inside folks because they are all special and unique and beyond black and white definition. Description. We just have a few left, the Bully and Shadow, and MK. And it all started with him and our therapist being brave enough to work with each other and get to know each other, Views expressed in the examples do not represent the opinion of Merriam-Webster or its editors. It took nearly ten years for one of my two interjects to come out and speak. He still has a lot of bad habits to break, abusive ones, but now it does seem like in time he will learn to be a helper and not a hurter. Introject: Introjects are alters who are based off of an outside person or figure. 1. So why are they there? They imply that you had some control, that there might actually have been something you could have done to change or prevent what the abuser is doing to you. They are trying so hard to keep you safe. Danger  was always near you and you had to be careful of every move and every word, because your very survival might depend on not doing or saying the wrong thing at the wrong time. Part 2, with 8 more ideas to use in your…, Filed Under: DID Education, DID/MPD, Dissociative Identity Disorder, emotional pain, Featured post #1, Internal Communication, Introjects Tagged With: Abusive introjects, Being helpers instead of hurters, DID System Work, Dissociative Identity Disorder, Father Introject, Introjects, Perpetrator Introjects, System Protection, Working with perpetrator parts. there may be one line in a post that explains things none of us can put words to. They typically feel a huge weight of, If you can accept and embrace the two key points about, Progress Made while Reading about DID at Discussing Dissociation. I am so grateful to have such great teachers about DID on this healing journey! all he knew was that those really bad guys were still haunting him and that he had to do whatever to obey them. Please tell us where you read or heard it (including the quote, if possible). What is a Perpetrator Introject in a Dissociative DID System? Some things I cannot speak aloud even though I want to. ps:  Yes, some introjects can come from friendlier places than the directly created abuser introjects, and “friendly introjects” are a whole topic on their own. But, sometimes things do not come out as planned or sometimes they are just not read as planned. They too are afraid of your abuser. It is exhausting .trying to NOT get in trouble on the Outside – AND not get in trouble on the Inside…..where do I go??????…..ugh….. Hang in the MissyMing. Categorising parts into the “worst”, “hardest”, whatever like many seem to (ie- in this post) is so damaging. You guys are all helping me to feel so much less alone!! Beautifully written and emotionally accurate. Antonyms for introjection. It touched a few nerves, so it clearly was important for me to read.

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